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DigiSender TV & Radio

Entwickler Stricode Mobile

This launcher app is designed for DigiSender media players (and other makes of set top box media players based on the Android OS) and offers quick and easy access to a multitude of media services such as BBC Iplayer, Red Bull TV, Facebook, and Netflix plus lots more. It also includes access to 20,000 radio stations via an easy to navigate interface which we believe is suited to remote control hand stick operation You can play a radio station in glorious HD 192kbs whilst you continue to navigate Facebook or the internet.TV Station Regions built-in are United Kingdom, Deutschland, France, USA & Espana.
It operates as a 10-Foot-User-Interface allowing easy navigation between your apps tray and the pre-defined television services with simple button presses of 5 key navigation icons. In the apps management it is possible to remove an app simply with a long button press on the app icon
HEADS UP: We built this launcher app originally for DigiSender TV products only but we have now rolled it out to everyone. It is tested on Android 4.2.2 + devices but may work for you on previous versions such as Android 4.0 but we have allowed everyone to download it and give it a try We have some reports of minor layout issues on some Media Boxes and we will seek to solve this.
It is a Launcher App - this means that is can run as a complete user interface if you wish. If you change you mind or don't want to continue using it as a launcher app and just as a conventional app then you can.
We are humble developers based in the United Kingdom sensitive to heavy criticism but always welcome a constructive ear bashing if we have make a mistake or missed a key service out!
shawndowney47@gmail.comAEI Security & Communications Ltd