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Android-2-TV - Transmit a show to your TV via Android App

With Online TV Recorder, you can download your favourite shows and directly beam them to your favourite DLNA device. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onlinetvrecorder.otrapp&hl=de.

melhor apk para TV BOX 4K launche

deixe o like valeu desculpe pelo o audio.

Unboxing Video And Review Of The August DG400 Digital TV and Satellite Navigation System

Unboxing Video And Review Of The August DG400 Freeview TV and Satellite Navigation System With Digital TV with Recorder and Radio for UK and Europe, Sat Nav for UK and Ireland And Multimedia...


1) CPU: SAMSUNG Cortex A8 S5PV210, 1.0GHz 2) Sistema operativo: Android 2.2 3) SDRAM: 512MB DDR2 4) Wi-Fi: 802.11b / g 5) USB OTG: supporta dispositivi USB e host USB 6) Uscita: 480, 576,...


Descripcion y funcionamiento de Android Media Player Set-top-box Con Android Player podra darle una nueva vida a su TV. Conectese a las redes sociales, navegue, acceda a su email. Vea...

Como parear o TV Transmitter Signia com o Signia easyTek

2.4GHz wireless video (WiVI) Scanning

This is a captured video feed from a 2.4ghz video source. A baby monitor, security camera, TV Sender, or similar. Techniques on how to scan, and build your very own 2.4ghz "WiVi" Video Scanner...

AL582 AV Sender with iPhone

AL582 AV Sender with iPhone TX + RX + APP.

Wireless AV Transmitter

Play the Games from your iPod/iPhone/iPad to your TV wirelessly just like you are playing playstation Games!! Your music, photos, videos, games and apps stream Wireless Mirror to the TV for...

iPad wireless transmitter

iPad wireless transmitter.

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